Goodbye to the annoying ads.
Light and reliable tabbed web browser for mobile devices
Lunascape for Mobile
Please note that some advertisements may be displayed on the website.
Block ads on websites and videos
Lunascape for Mobile blocks advertisements that appear at the beginning of a video or banner ads on websites. It also protects users from the collection of data about the sites they visit and protects their privacy.
Save on traffic and batteries
The simplicity and agility of Lunascape for Mobile helps you to save on traffic, and the fact that it blocks ads and doesn’t send any user data to your site or server means that it takes up significantly less data than other browsers.
Fast and reliable domestic browser application
Not only is it simple and Light enough to display web pages quickly, but it also blocks ad displays and data collection, so there is no wasted communication. This ensures a faster and more secure display.
There are many more attractive features!
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