Browsing 5%-25% faster than a typical browser
*Please use only those who understand the meaning of β version.
Windows version (Windows 10 or later), macOS version (macOs Serria or later)
Simple and fast
This is a web browser designed to display websites quickly. It has a simple structure to increase the display speed. It reduces display speed by 5 to 25% compared to a typical web browser.
Ad blocker
It has an ad-blocking feature, so only necessary information on the web page is displayed in a concise manner. Also, it does not perform unnecessary communication, so the web page can be displayed more quickly.
Privacy Protection
We emphasize the importance of privacy protection and do not send any data such as user’s web browsing history to servers or websites. Users’ privacy is protected and they can use the Internet safely and securely.
We need your help!
The Internet is vast and fast evolving, and we cannot create a better web browser on our own. At Lunascape, we will continue to exchange information with you as much as possible, and we hope to create a new web based on extensive discussions.