Features - Lunascape Phoebe -
- Lunascape Phoebe -
Simple and fast
This is a web browser designed to display websites quickly. It has a simple structure to increase the display speed. It reduces display speed by 5 to 25% compared to a typical web browser.
Ad blocker
It has an ad-blocking feature that allows you to display web pages without any annoying ads. Not only does it simplify the display, but it also makes the web page display faster by eliminating unnecessary communication. Protects user privacy by not sending the user’s web browsing history.
Privacy Protection
We emphasize the importance of privacy protection and do not send any data such as user’s web browsing history to servers or websites. Users’ privacy is protected and they can use the Internet safely and securely.
Reduction of data traffic
The ad blocking function reduces the communication of ad data. The privacy protection feature also reduces the amount of data transmission while browsing the site because no user data is sent. You can use it without worrying about the data cost when you use mobile data communication on the road.
Longer battery life
Not wasting data transmission also reduces the processing of the computer itself. This is why laptops can also help prolong the life of the battery. This is a powerful tool when you’re on the go, where you want your battery to last longer.
Versatile Functions
Mouse gestures, ad blocking, and a variety of other features to help professional web users collect and transmit information more accurately, quickly, and efficiently. Ad blocking will also save on data volume and battery power.
Built-in EPUB reader
With EPUB reader as standard, you no longer need to download apps or special software to view EPUB files. You can enjoy reading immediately as if you were opening a PDF file, freeing you from troublesome operations and time.
Search engine
You can pull down the search engines and switch between them at will. You can choose from Google and Wikipedia by default, but you can also add other engines of your choice, including Yahoo! You can set up searches for the sites you use most often, so even if you have different sites to look at for work and personal use, you can easily switch between them.
Password manager
With the password manager, you only need to enter the password for the site once and then you can avoid the hassle of entering it again. Stored passwords can be easily deleted, and you can also choose which sites you don’t want to store passwords for, so you can manage your privacy.
Mouse gesture
Lunascape comes with mouse gestures as a default feature. For example, holding down the right mouse button and making the ← gesture will take you back to the previous page. Many gestures are available, and you can also create your own gestures and assign them to your favorite functions. By assigning the most frequently used functions and operations to mouse gestures, you will be able to control Lunascape with less mouse movements.