Features - Lunascape for Mobile -
- Lunascape for Mobile -
Block ads on websites and videos
Lunascape for Mobile blocks advertisements that appear at the beginning of your videos and website banners. Lunascape for Mobile blocks ads at the beginning of your videos and banners on websites, and protects your privacy by collecting data on the sites you visit.
Save on traffic and batteries
The simplicity and agility of Lunascape for Mobile helps you to save on traffic, and the fact that it blocks ads and doesn’t send any user data to your site or server means that it takes up significantly less data than other browsers. It also blocks ads and does not send any user data to the site or server, saving you a significant amount of data compared to any other browsers.
Reduction of data traffic
The ad blocking function reduces the communication of ad data. The privacy protection feature also reduces the amount of data transmission while browsing the site because no user data is sent. You can use it without worrying about the data cost when you use mobile data communication on the road.
Longer battery life
Not wasting data transmission also reduces the processing of the computer itself. This is why laptops can also help prolong the life of the battery. This is a powerful tool when you’re on the go, where you want your battery to last longer.
News display on the start page
Go to the bottom of the start page to see the latest news from Infoseek. You can change the news displayed to your preference. You can easily view the latest news by simply opening your browser without having to go to a news site. You can also easily stop the news display itself.
Tracing tabs and flick gestures
Switch between multiple sites with tabs. Smoothly switch between sites with the “Tracing Tabs” feature, which allows you to switch between sites by simply tracing the tabs. Flicking the Lunascape icon at the bottom of the screen to the top, left or right makes it easy to close, go back or forward on the displayed page.
Privacy Protection
We do not send privacy data, such as user’s web browsing history, to the server or website because we believe privacy protection is important. Some typical web browsers send the user’s web page browsing history to the server for the purpose of tracking user trends, etc. However, in addition to the lack of privacy protection, this increases the amount of data transmission.
Delete personal information when you exit the browser.
Page browsing history, cookies, and browser cache can be deleted when the browser is closed. Deletion itself can also be easily switched on the settings screen.
User Agent Switching
You can switch between different User Agents, selecting from the User Agent list or switching between them by entering a User Agent directly. You can use this feature to view a smartphone site on your computer.
Built-in EPUB reader
With EPUB reader as a standard feature, there is no need to download apps or special software anymore to view EPUB files. You can enjoy reading immediately as if you were opening a PDF file, freeing you from troublesome operations and time.