Features - Lunascape ORION -
- Lunascape ORION -
Light and comfortable web browsing
Lunascape6 uses proprietary technology to achieve even faster startup and faster javascript performance than any other browsers using the same Gecko engine. In addition, Lunascape6 has been tuned to run faster than other browsers even with multiple Gecko add-ons installed, so it is faster than any other browsers even with many add-ons installed.
Triple engine
Three major rendering engines (Trident, Gecko and WebKit) have been integrated into a single web browser. The smart engine selector button next to the address bar makes it easy to switch between rendering engines and view any web page with the most suitable engine.
Familiar settings screen
If you want to configure Lunascape’s settings in addition to those of Lunascape itself, go to “Advanced settings for this engine” to configure the engine you are familiar with. This will open the usual and familiar browser settings screen.
Automatic engine switching
Do you use Firefox for normal use or Internet Explorer for banking sites? With the triple engine Lunascape, you can configure which engine to open a particular page in. You can set your favorite site to auto-engine-switch to always open that site in the engine of your choice.
Triple add-on
Support for thousands of popular Gecko add-ons (Firefox add-ons), along with the previously supported Internet Explorer add-on and Lunascape add-on (Lunascape plugin), has been extended to provide a triple add-on environment. In addition, a floating sidebar, which allows multiple Gecko add-ons to run simultaneously and be displayed separately from the web browser, is now available. You can use the Gecko add-ons just like a desktop gadget.
Each tab can be cascaded in a split-screen view, and you can view the layout of all three rendering engines side by side to easily see the layout for each engine.
Full screen and wide screen
Press F11 to switch to full screen view. In full-screen mode, only tabs and web pages are displayed. In wide-screen mode, the top toolbar is automatically hidden. Move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen and the usual toolbars will slide into view.
Enhanced tab menu
Lunascape allows you to open multiple web pages in a single “tab” with the Tabs menu, which is accessed by right-clicking on a tab. For example, you can close all open tabs at once, or close the right side of an open tab.
Multiline tabs
Do you have any experience that when you open multiple tabs in your browser, the tabs appear small and it’s hard to tell what’s which tab? With Lunascape, you can display tabs on multiple lines, allowing you to open many tabs while keeping the tabs on the same page. Of course, you can also change the display to a single line of tabs in the configuration.
Shift Lock + Tab Lock
You can also use shift lock + tab lock to create tabs that can’t be permanently closed, like the pinning of tabs in Firefox.
Customizing the Mouse Operation
Double mouse clicks, wheel clicks, left and right mouse button presses, etc. can be configured in detail for tabs, links and browsers. The settings can be configured with any of Lunascape’s 200 or so commands.
Mouse gesture
Lunascape comes with mouse gestures as a default feature. For example, holding down the right mouse button and making the ← gesture will take you back to the previous page. Many gestures are available, and you can also create your own gestures and assign them to your favorite functions. By assigning the most frequently used functions and operations to mouse gestures, you will be able to control Lunascape with fewer mouse movements.
Toolbar Customization
In Lunascape you can add any button to your toolbar or menu bar by dragging a button from the command customize screen. Frequently used functions and buttons can be placed prominently on the toolbar.
Extensive search engine
If you like cooking, for example, do you often search for recipes on sites such as CookPad? Just select the engine of your choice, add it to the search button, and the search bar makes it easy to search for that engine.
A quick search using the “traceability search”.
Since Lunascape 6.2, the new “Highlighted Search” feature brings up a handy search menu by simply tracing and selecting the word you want to look up. Selecting the desired search option in the search menu allows you to instantly search for the word you are looking for and translate it, so you can look up a variety of words and texts with no stress. There are 14 search options, from translations to recipes, but you can also add your own search options if you like.
Delete personal information when you exit the browser.
It is possible to delete historical information such as the input history of the address bar and the search bar, and the page browsing history at the time of the closing of the browser. In addition, it is possible to delete Internet Explorer history information at the time of exit in the same way. The setting can be switched by ON/OFF of the check box of the setting screen.
User Agent Switching
You can switch between different User Agents, selecting from the User Agent list or switching between them by entering a User Agent directly. You can use this feature to view a smartphone site on your computer.
Prohibited URLs
Is there a page that you don’t want your family or children to see? In Lunascape, you can specify a URL or title that will prevent the page from being opened if it is set to a prohibited URL.
Easy to transfer
Switching to Lunascape 6 from other web browsers is very easy: your favorites and settings can be easily transferred from all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Favorite Synchronization
Lunascape allows you to synchronize your bookmarks with iLunascape or Firefox via the FirefoxSync-compatible Online Bookmarks feature. With iLunascape, you can take your favorites out of the house and surf the web as if you were at home. With iLunascape, you can take your favorites out of the house and surf the web just as you would at home. Please note that iLunascape can only read bookmarks.
Automatic Backup of Settings
It automatically backs up all your settings from your favorites, history, settings, plugins, etc. to protect your important data. In case you delete a favorite, you can restore it from the backup of your settings.
Do you see the auto-scrolling news at the top right of the page? The ticker is a feature that automatically switches between headlines from major news sites. You can add or change which news sites to display, as well as make fine adjustments to the time it takes to switch to the next headline.
Integration with Luna ID
With Lunascape, you can skip the tedious task of entering your ID and password by entering your Luna ID account information, such as the social bookmarking service Gaia.
A large number of skins created by Lunascape users are at your disposal. Find your favorite design in the Skin Center.