Enables browsing faster by 5% -25% than typical browsers

Lunascape Phoebe

Beta version was released.


Please use only those who understand the meaning of beta version.

Windows7-10, macOS Sierra

Since this version is beta version (test version), only basic functions will be provided.

Please cooperate with the test of the basic function toward the official version planned to be released soon.

Please wait for a while until the official release.

Features of Lunascape Phoebe

Lunascape Phoebe has many new features that focus on user friendliness.Here, we will introduce the new function and the function to be installed.

Fast browsing

Since Lunascape Phoebe is 5 to 25% faster than representative browsers of other companies, it is comfortable to use. In addition, mouse gesture function is installed as standard, and smoother operation is also realized.

Privacy protection

Lunascape Phoebe emphasizes the protection of privacy. You can safely and securely use the Internet by protecting users from tracking behaviors and collecting all kinds of data.

Various functions

Mouse gesture, advertisement block, and other professional web users are planning to install various functions to collect and transmit information more correctly, quickly and efficiently. Ad blocking also realizes saving data volumes and battery consumption.

EPUB reader

Lunascape Phoebe is equipped with an EPUB reader as standard. Since you can read EPUB in the browser, you no longer need to download applications and special software. It is freed from troublesome operation and time, and you can enjoy reading on Sugu with the feeling of opening PDF.

Discover the WEB should be.

Today, once a fun web is overflowing with huge information as well as fake information such as advertisements and fake news, privacy information is invaded and it is a dangerous place that can not be said to be safe. However, the influence of the web has influenced humanity more than ever, and we are worried that mankind can not make a better future as it is.

Fortunately now a new technical trend is coming to the world, we decided to make every effort from 0 using new technology and make an effort to regain the pleasurable web once on occasion. Through browser development, we propose new way of web and the way of the Internet to the world, and we want to regain a new and tough and better web world. Humbly thank you for your continued support.

We need your power.

The Internet is huge and evolving fast, so we can not simply create a much better web browser. Lunascape would like to develop a new web under a wide range of discussions while exchanging information with everyone as much as possible. Please lend the power of everyone for the release of the official version.

Send your voice.

Your voice will be our great strength. Please do not hesitate to comment on anything, so please share your voice with us. Thank you for much feedback on alpha version! We would be pleased if you continue to give us your opinion on the beta version.

Comments and reports from here.

Enables browsing faster by 5% -25% than typical browsers

Lunascape Phoebe Beta version


Windows7-10, macOS Sierra


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