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Alpha test version is available. Please download only when you understand Alpha version.

We are currently working on a stable version, stay tuned for more information.

Support OS: Windows7-10, macOS Sierra, 64bit only

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Discover the WEB should be.

Today, once a fun web is overflowing with huge information as well as fake information such as advertisements and fake news, privacy information is invaded and it is a dangerous place that can not be said to be safe. However, the influence of the web has influenced humanity more than ever, and we are worried that mankind can not make a better future as it is. Fortunately now a new technical trend is coming to the world, we decided to make every effort from 0 using new technology and make an effort to regain the pleasurable web once on occasion. Through browser development, we propose new way of web and the way of the Internet to the world, and we want to regain a new and tough and better web world. Humbly thank you for your continued support.

A more comfortable and secure

There was something called pop-up advertisement which once became a problem. We were able to further enhance such advertisement by installing pop-up blocking function in the browser. However, the current web has been advertised more than at that time, and constantly being spy, invasion of excessive privacy happened, it became a late and sincerely uneasy web. By blocking unnecessary advertisements, we hope to get back to the early and reliable web which is normal.

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A more simple.

With the advent of the web, people all over the world can now get as much information as they can not imagine before. Meanwhile, a large amount of information, which is not necessary, also flows in at the same time, and due to excessive information, correct information and incorrect information are mixed, resulting in confusion to society. We hope to solve those problems, to have a talented information sender active, and to regain the web where the correct and necessary information reaches to the users.

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And a little fun Web.

In the early days of the appearance of the Internet, the Web was still a new technology used only by some advanced people, but everyone is fluttering in a brilliant yet unseen world due to technological innovation, and it was more warm and a fun place than now. We once again would like to regain as a warm place where everyone can communicate and use safely.

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We need your power.

The Internet is huge and evolving fast, so we can not simply create a much better web browser. Lunascape would like to develop a new web under a wide range of discussions while exchanging information with everyone as much as possible.

Open source.

Lunascape product is developed with open source project based on Chromium's core engine which is used in major browsers around the world, widely used HTML5, javascript, etc. advanced technologies Node.js etc, so that more people can participate. We plan to open our technologies cultivated by browser development as far as we can. We hope to contribute to the better future of the Internet by sharing various technologies with everyone.

Make a brand new information way.

In the past I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Tim-Berners Lee, inventor of web browser. His contribution to the world is praise, although praised, it is exceedingly wonderful, however the web that he conceived is still only partially realized and under developing. Recent problems such as fake news It is becoming big upset and the reliability of the web itself is questioned. We aim to complete the web as a browser, and we will build a new form of information distribution.

Send your voice.

Your voice will be our great strength. Please do not hesitate to comment on anything, so please share your voice with us.


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